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​Welcome to DH Designs Laser Engraving

DH Designs Laser Engraving

 Precision at the Speed of Light                              

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DH Designs Laser Engraving offers you professional engraving services with the highest level of quality.
We specialize in providing precision designs at the speed of light.

We laser engrave the perfect promotional, personal or business item that is customized for each individual.
We are dedicated to fabricating creative and unique designs desired by our customers.  

If you can envision it, we can create it. 

 DH Designs Laser Engraving can cut, mark, or engrave on almost anything. 

Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Coated Metals, Ceramics, Delrin, Cloth, Leather, Marble,
Mat Board, Melamine, Paper, Mylar, Pressboard, Rubber, Wood Veneer, Fiberglass,   Painted Metals, Tile,
Plastic, Cork, Corain, Anodized Aluminum, Twill, Stainless Steel,  Brass, Titanium, Bare Metal.